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[IPk] Humalog v. Novorapid (YMMV)

Hi y'all,

Fiona asked the other day how I've found Novorapid different from Humalog. 
After a few weeks on it, I have picked up on some things I didn't expect:

1. Novorapid doesn't go as bubbly if you shake the vial as Humalog does

2. I had more trouble clearing a large bubble when I filled my reservoir 
with Novorapid, but there were fewer pesky tiny 'Champagne' bubbles than I 
usually get with Humalog

3. I have observed Novorapid to start working as fast as Humalog. I know 
John Neale found Novorapid to start working more slowly than Humalog--might 
well be an individual chemistry sort of thing

4. Caroline Batistoni and I talked this past weekend about the two insulins. 
She pointed out that Novorapid has a much longer drop-off time than Humalog, 
something I should have realized: now I see that my post-lunch and 
post-dinner blood sugars have been lower because of that slower drop-off 
time. Not that I'm complaining much, but I have had to watch for mild hypos 
more carefully. I have to remind myself that I'm not in Humalogland anymore 
and some things are different.

Last night before bed, a few hours after a slice of pizza, some ice cream, 
and a couple of cocktails I had a bg of 4.4 mmol/L. Knowing the post-alcohol 
bg drop was coming, I switched my basal from my programmed 1.1u/hr to a 
temporary one of 0.2u/hr for 3 hours and went to sleep. Woke up at 8 a.m. 
this morning (6 hours of sleep) with a bg of 4.1 mmol/L. Amazing!

I'd love to have use of a CGMS right now!!! If I bounced around or went 
lower and then back up to okay again last night, that'd be interesting. I'd 
like to believe I had a constant bg of about 4 mmol/L, but I have no idea. 
The senior diabetes nurse at the John Radcliffe says they're looking into 
buying a CGMS right now...fingers crossed it comes soon.

Think I might stick with NovoRapid, but I'm not fully decided yet...many 
marriages don't last the 5 years I spent with Humalog.

A grateful and fortunate bunny,

IDDM 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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