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Re: [IPk] what to wear??

Hi Alissa,

Not to worry! Mary (email @ redacted) from this listserv (but not just 
Mary, I'm sure) will likely have some ideas for wearing a pump under clothes 
as well, but I can suggest http://store.minimed.com if you have a MiniMed 
pump (can't recall what pump you have, if you said). The accessories 
described on that American website should be available from Medtronic UK if 
you phone the number you call when you order supplies. If you have a 
Disetronic pump, I'm sure someone on the listserv will have some good ideas!

Once I got some bras that fit me properly--I wore the wrong size for 
years--I could wear my pump clipped to the centre of my bra, a popular place 
for it. If you have a chance to visit a proper lingerie shop like Bravissimo 
or Rigby & Peller for a fitting, you might find out you can wear your pump 
clipped in the centre of your bra if you can't do so with the size you wear 
now. I usually wear what's called a 'thigh thing' if I have on a dress or 
skirt. I put my pump on my bra if my skirt's quite short or I've got on 
smart trousers without pockets.

Like Di, these days I usually keep my pump somewhere I can get at it 
easily--like the pocket of my jeans--and it's often visible to other people. 
Most folks think it's a pager. Every I get asked what it is, I have a chance 
to educate people about diabetes. A lot of people don't know much about 
diabetes, or they believe untrue things about it, because they've never had 
a chance to learn.

Good luck,
be brave!

IDDM 10+ years; MiniMed pumper 7 years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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