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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #498 unexplained highs

Hello all
On 15/09/03, Trisha Hyde speculated:

 TH> In my case I think that when you have tried everything you can on
TH> and still don't get results that is when insulin pumps are a god send.

 Thank you - that's the sort of thing I need to hear. I'ver felt so isolated
the past 12 months, constantly hearing things like "I know people who are
diabetic who are fine with it) etc. To finally find people who know what I've
been going through, and have suffered the same way isd a Godsend. I really hope
that the pump (when I get it - probably sometime within the next 3 months) does
as well for me as it seems to be doing for you :o)


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