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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #498 unexplained highs


I had exactly the same problem as you.  My BG's were constantly above 13 and
I would start to feel "low" even if I went down to 5 or 6 (mainly because I
had been running in the teens for many years.  I have been pumping now for
approx 6 weeks and find it absolutely fantastic!!!!

It has not only enabled me to get my life back (not depending on injection
times and meal times).  In fact it is wierd how because for the last 6 weeks
I have been running my BG's between 6 and 9 I now start to feel really
lethargic when my BG gets above 11.

In my case I think that when you have tried everything you can on injections
and still don't get results that is when insulin pumps are a god send.


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> Hello all
> On 15/09/03, fiona.stoate speculated:
> f> Strange  when these odd highs appear.  It seems that a combination of
> f> must trigger it expecially stress and once it is triggered the insulin
> f> resistance has a real effect.  I've only been pumping two months but
> f> had two occasions, one cannula  problem and one over correction of hypo
> f> I was amazed at how quickly bs shot up to 20 and 30mmol in a couple of
> f> and then needed quite a lot of insulin to get it down again ie. 1/2
> f> daily amount in 4 hours.  I wonder if it ever did that in the old days
> f> there was very little monitoring but we had a background of long acting

> f> insulin on board plus longer acting short acting if you see what I
mean.  I
> f> suppose it probably prevented the extreme highs occuring but perhaps
> f> bs to run slightly high a lot of the time of which people were unaware.
> I'm currently waiting for a callback to the hospital for a pump, so am
> injecting ATM, Lantus for background and Novorapid for bolus. The reason
> going for a pump - despite the best efforts of myself and my healthcare
team my
> BS is regularly in the mid teens, with frequent excursions into the high
> and low 30s.
> I would agree that stress is a factor in this, and in fact it was after a
> particularly stressful time in my life when the diabetes first manifested
> itself. I wouldn't blame the pump, tho'. As I say, I have the exact same
> on injections. I'm hoping the pump will help reduce it.
> Regards
> Steve
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