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[IPk] Choices

>If I didn't feel dependent on my insulin, I'd bin it. If I weren't dependent
>on them, I'd bin my wristwatch and my eyeglasses too, as well as my
>Dianette. And my bicycle, my diary, and my computer--they'd be gone if I
>didn't depend on them. Not to mention my mobile phone and my computer (some
>of you might like it if I binned the computer, wouldn't you?)--if I could
>get as much accomplished without them, I'd leave 'em for the cleaners.

I was at a barbecue yesterday. About 20 adults there. Nothing to do with
diabetes. But to my knowledge THREE of us had Type 1 diabetes. One was a
close friend of mine. The other was a lady I didn't know. We got chatting.
She had used a pump in her pregnancy, but had subsequently chosen to go
back to injections. She said, yes, pumps are great for some, especially if
you have a busy hectic life. But injections suited her thank you very much.
I didn't argue with her. Important we all make our own honest choices.

Incidently, latest stats* show that incidence of new cases of Type 1
diabetes has been rising on average by 3% a year since 1950. Before that it
was steady. Current theory links this with the decline of many standard
childhood illnesses - measals, chickenpox etc. And our immune systems,
being less challenged, find other things to do, like destroying our beta
cells. I've not read the paper but I guess it's online somewhere.


*Gale, "Diabetes", Dec 2002 "The Rise of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes in the
20th Century"

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