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[IPk] Barbara/ Charlie

Hi Barbara
I recall you mentioning your very bad experience. It's not difficul;t to run
into trouble if you assume everything is going to be ok. Main thing is Charlie
is ok now and hopefull you have identified the problem and can stop it from
happening again. Was there any opposition to Charlie remaining on the pump
after this?

I had a bit of an experience a couple of weeks ago. Just moved, different
country, starting New job that pm. BG before breakfast   6 mmol. 2 hours later
thought I might start to get fit by going for run, but flet a bit shaky (
similar to normal hypo symptoms). BG 22 mmol and small ketones. So changed set
and gave part of correction bolus via pump/ part through syringe. 90 mins
later down to 15 , so small bolus and low carb lunch and went into work. 2
hours later still 15 so bolused 5 units via pump and increased basal. Thought
I would be ok and 2 hours later ( end of work) BG still 15 ish and large
ketones. My mistakes were not continually checking for ketones and drinking
plenty of fluids. There appeared no problem with either set  or wit hthe
insulin I was using ( changed it all and BGs still crept up the next day but I
was more prepared for it then and drank water throughout the day, checked for
ketones and almost doubled basal. Easy to not be quite thorough enough when
starting new job/ stressed etc. Luckily managed to catch it in time. wonder
whether prob was due to " stress" or that time of month or  slight infection.
Noticed cramps that evening: ? due to dehydration and electrolyte inbalance :
I felt quite well ( at least no worse than normal hyper sx)
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