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[IPk] Curries and hypo rebounds

Hi Fiona
Glad you got it right for the curry. I find them one of the trickiest meals to 
deal with.

As for the hypo correction, something very similar happened to me last night. 
BG 7.1, had a slice of toast, turned my pump off and went for a 30 minute 
run. About 10 mins after I got back I realised my BG was very low (hadn't 
noticed during the run). Didn't test but it was a really bad low. I treated 
the low and then had dinner. It took about an hour for my BG to rise. I 
bolused for the dinner only when I knew I was no longer low. 3 hours later I 
tested again and found myself at 23 mmol/l!!! Serious rebound there!!! I took 
4.5 units insulin and went to bed. Woke up this morning at 13 mmol/l. Of 
course, I should have checked again sooner than 3 hours later and corrected 
the rebound earlier, but I was engrossed in a webcam conversation with my 
boyfriend and forgot!!!
PS We're all still learning.... Even though I've had DM for nearly 25 years 
and been on a pump for nearly 5 years, new things constantly surprise me!

> Hypo correction - Can swing on pumps can't you?  Overdid glucose =
> correction
> after not reducing lunchtime bolus sufficiently following early am run.
> Went up to 14 while at meeting, should have corrected but was nervous of
> going hypo again while out as had felt awful.  By the time I got home it =
> was
> 29mmol!  Couldn't believe it and checked on another meter, shows =
> importance
> of testing as it sure was high.  Site seemed fine bolused via that =
> 4units,
> waited only 1/2 hour, still 29, freaked and injected 2 units,  gradually =
> came
> down to 13 so bolused 1u/10gm instead of 1u/20gm at supper and three =
> hours
> later the demon was squashed back to 6mmol!!  I guess a) must try not to =
> go
> hypo, b) wait and allow 3 glucose sweets to work rather than panic and keep
> eating and it's
> still only 3mmol and I need to get  somewhere.  Still =
> learning!
> Good luck everyone
> Fiona
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