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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #495

Eating Out - carb counting etc

Last night was out at a work related paediatric meeting having a full on
Indian meal.  I bolused for nibbles on poppadums, bolused for meal later
problably loads of sugar and fat in sauce so guestimated, ate smaller =
of rice than usual but ate about 1/2 a nan bread, used dual wave with
another 2.5 units over 3 hours, again guestimate!  Can't believe it bs =
6.6mmol when I got home and a bit low 3.6 this am never heard of the =
day after  Indian. Love the pump!!

Sitting opposite was the head of paeds diabetes consultant so I decided =
to be too secretive!!  Sure enough the question arose ' What's that =
fiddling with?'  He knew nothing about pumps, stated point blank that he
didn't approve of them in youngsters, said he couldn't grasp the basal
aspect and the fact that it was only short acting analog insulin.  He =
with actrapid and whatever bd and said that should suit most people!!
Sounds like he may be trying some novorapid on some and asked about that =
pumps.  I use humalog, but know both are used -  Melissa what is the
difference in effect from the two?  .  Anyway I did a little =
of drip feeding, but it is depressing as it's not just pumps that many =
are the leaders in care are suspicious about but also the ideas and =
about trying to match a normal physiological insulin response with a
basal/bolus regime.

Hypo correction - Can swing on pumps can't you?  Overdid glucose =
after not reducing lunchtime bolus sufficiently following early am run.
Went up to 14 while at meeting, should have corrected but was nervous of
going hypo again while out as had felt awful.  By the time I got home it =
29mmol!  Couldn't believe it and checked on another meter, shows =
of testing as it sure was high.  Site seemed fine bolused via that =
waited only 1/2 hour, still 29, freaked and injected 2 units,  gradually =
down to 13 so bolused 1u/10gm instead of 1u/20gm at supper and three =
later the demon was squashed back to 6mmol!!  I guess a) must try not to =
hypo, b) wait and allow 3 glucose sweets to work rather than panic and keep
eating and it's
still only 3mmol and I need to get  somewhere.  Still =

Good luck everyone
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