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[IPk] Blooper!

Well, I boobed big-time today when re-filling my reservoir.  I was in the
middle of doing this when the phone went, and like a fool I answered it and
my sister, regaled me with all of her doings.... so my mind was on
auto-pilot.  I half-fill the reservoir, saves the end sticking in to me, and
I must have slightly overfilled it.  Instead of shooting off the extra into
the air, I pushed the reservoir into the pump and of course for once it was
attached to me.

Brain still not functioning, after the call I went and heated a bowl of
home-made soup (low GI of course) and carried on.

The inevitable happened.  I had a sudden dip and didn't recognise it until I
was at 2.4 mmol/l (45 mg/dl)!  I took steps to rectify it, but obviously
more insulin had gone in than I'd anticipated/recognised.

By this point although I'd taken glucose tabs and made it back to the
kitchen to get more quick acting carbs, my brain was too starved of glucose
to function.  For first time, I phoned a neighbour who came to assistance
but she didn't realise how bad I was and I wasn't able to tell her.

Anyway I managed to force enough carbs down me then retreated to bed where I
went out like a light.  Thankfully the liver  had enough stores to dump plus
what I'd forced down and I woke up 3 hours later.

Feel a bit like the morning after a heavy night before but will be fine by

Just a warning to folks to keep your mind on what you're doing - unlike me

Di, I now understand a wee bit what you used to go through in Manchester
pre-pump days.


P.S. I thought I'd sent this to the list earlier.  Instead I sent it in
error to another list!  Addled brain slowly becoming less addled or as
better as it will ever get.
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