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[IPk] school prob

Hi Carmel
Please do not think for one minute that if we decide on Libby being at home
that will be the last of it.  We plan on taking this matter further which ever
way it turns out.  For any child to miss school for any reason is not on -
especially due to school issues. Lib had missed nearly 3 months of school last
year due to insulin problems, we fought bloody hard to get a pump without
hospital back up. We threatened and we verbally abused some very nice people -
but we stuck to our guns that pump therapy was the only solution we would
accept for her.  We are firm believers that every child should have a pump and
then be given the option of MDI if it doesn't work not the other way around.
I have spoken with a few media people and the like to see about getting
attention for pumps and the discrimination surrounding people with diabetes -
I am fed up with hearing all the big wigs going on about 'cures' and 'no need
for injection' miracle treatments.  Pumps aren't a cure but they are as bloody
close as we have got in years.  If this government can put X amount into IVF
how about putting a little into keeping the kids already here healthy.  We are
having new refugee/asylum seekers medical centre built near us at a cost of
some #500.000.  but only Lib has a pump what about the other 200 or so kids in
Derby?  Don't get me wrong I teach a lot of these people and some have very
sad and tragic stories but we have got to look after our own.
Sorry just realised I have got on a roll. Its been a stressful day,  it's a
year today that my mother in law died from cancer. In  December it will be a
year since my sister in law died from cancer. We spent last year as soul
carers for both at my brother in laws house, one in one room and the other
opposite in another.  You can imagine how painful it was for everyone.  We had
very little help from the NHS.  2 hours a week to help us with 24/7 care,
morphine that took a taxi 2 hours to do a 20min journey.  We feel let down by
and taken for a ride by certain authorities and it has got to stop.
I am going to go now before I end up so worked up I don't sleep. I am shaking
- Carmel I bet you wish you had not emailed me.  Sorry thank you so much for
your email, the support from every one has had me in tears.
Kayleigh Grace
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