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Re: [IPk] Re: Can't get the hang of eating out

yes, I used to have a real problem with curry (eating out, not the ones 
I make at home). I discovered that the combination of fat, protein and 
carbs is lethal for me. Now I either have a very small amount of 
rice/naan and keep the carbs low, *or* I make sure the curry isn't high 
in fat. Either way works.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I'd like to add to Melissa's thoughts - I don't eat out that often but 
 > sufficiently frequently to have found a similar problem, bg say 17 when I get
> home,
> correct, high in the morning (or at 3-5 am if I test then - takes a bit of 
 > willpower!). I've tried having a low fat alternative (breadsticks, scampi in
> tomatoey sauce with rice and veg, decent bottle of wine is a favourite) and 
> that gives excellent results while steak plus fatty food plus carb causes 
>  trouble. Trisha, even if you could do a square wave bolus first you would
> probably
 > need to give a second bolus - looks like the fat and protein in the meal
> carb absorption and may have contributed to carb load, so your second bolus 
 > with a bg at 17 didn't take them into account but simply adjusted for a bg of
> 17.  Your bg four, five, six hours after a meal probably continued to rise - 
 > mine does. That second bolus could be a longish square wave unless you want
> set your alarm at 3-5 am :-)  If you use a MiniMed pump it's very simple to 
> set, I or any other MiniMed user on this list can give you instructions, the 
> Disetronic users should be able to give you an equivalent.
> Best wishes,
> Mary
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