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[IPk] Re: How will I benefit with Lantus?

In a message dated 09/09/2003 19:54:13 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi Barbara,
> I agree with Michael's reply. There are a couple of provisos: the DSN I see
> said that experience is showing that lantus often does not last for 24
> hours, but as little as 22 (and, in some cases, 20 hours). The other
> difficulty many people are reporting is that an adjustment can take up to 3
> days to work out in your system - so you don't know if betteg BGs are
> because lantus or not.
> Graham

That's worth knowing especially about the adjustment taking up to 3 days to 
take effect.  I know with any other regime, you have to allow 2 days for 
anything to be noticeable.

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