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[IPk] Re: Can't get the hang of eating out

Hi folks,

(I'm ignoring the IQ bit! - Di, I think your response was spot on.)

I'd like to add to Melissa's thoughts - I don't eat out that often but 
 sufficiently frequently to have found a similar problem, bg say 17 when I get
correct, high in the morning (or at 3-5 am if I test then - takes a bit of 
 willpower!). I've tried having a low fat alternative (breadsticks, scampi in a
tomatoey sauce with rice and veg, decent bottle of wine is a favourite) and 
that gives excellent results while steak plus fatty food plus carb causes 
 trouble. Trisha, even if you could do a square wave bolus first you would
 need to give a second bolus - looks like the fat and protein in the meal slowed
carb absorption and may have contributed to carb load, so your second bolus 
with a bg at 17 didn't take them into account but simply adjusted for a bg of 
17.  Your bg four, five, six hours after a meal probably continued to rise - 
 mine does. That second bolus could be a longish square wave unless you want to
set your alarm at 3-5 am :-)  If you use a MiniMed pump it's very simple to 
set, I or any other MiniMed user on this list can give you instructions, the 
Disetronic users should be able to give you an equivalent.

As has been said, there are many other causes, and if your set was OK and you 
were too then there is an alternative: resign yourself to regular bg testing 
during the night after a meal, this should give you insight into what's 
happening.  Just don't do it on a really special night!

Best wishes,

(IDDM 30 yrs+, MiniMed 508 nearly 3 yrs now)
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