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Re: [IPk] Can't get the hang of eating out

On Tuesday 09 Sep 2003 19:51, Ingrid Morrow wrote:
> John said:
> >I met a doctor "socially" two years ago - she was chaperoning 3 girls who
> >were involved in a concert I was singing in. I got chatting to her
> >backstage, and my diabetes experiences came up in conversation. She'd
> >worked for many years as a GP in a run-down London suburb, where most of
> >her Type 1 diabetes patients were using their syringes to inject heroin
> >etc. Her observation was that classic diabetes complications are very
> >closely liked with IQ. (Sorry Di - that's not to say you can't be
> >intelligent and have comps, but that there is a statistical link...) Seems
> >to make sense.
> I'd sack her if she was my GP, or at least report her to the GMC (?) for
> that....

All she seems to have suggested was a correlation, not a causal relationship. 
If there are studies which show the correlation then that's fair enough, 
although I've never heard of any myself. But if it's just anecdotal: I don't 
approve, but surely a doctor can have all sorts of personal 
opinions/observations as long as they don't affect their treatment of 

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