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Re: [IPk] Can't get the hang of eating out


John said:
>I met a doctor "socially" two years ago - she was chaperoning 3 girls who
>were involved in a concert I was singing in. I got chatting to her
>backstage, and my diabetes experiences came up in conversation. She'd
>worked for many years as a GP in a run-down London suburb, where most of
>her Type 1 diabetes patients were using their syringes to inject heroin
>etc. Her observation was that classic diabetes complications are very
>closely liked with IQ. (Sorry Di - that's not to say you can't be
>intelligent and have comps, but that there is a statistical link...) Seems
>to make sense.

I'd sack her if she was my GP, or at least report her to the GMC (?) for 

Does she also believe insulin is the cure, and that all we have to do is 
inject our insulin (if we're not too busy with the other drugs that is...) 
and eat right and we'll be OK, so that any complications are our fault due 
to non-compliance?

What was your response John?


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