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Re: [IPk] IQ and complications, was Can't get the hang of eating out

Hold on Tori!!!
All John said was there is a *statistical* link. It doesn't mean that if you 
have complications you don't have a high IQ. Or that if you have a low IQ 
you'll have complications. Just that more people with complications have low 
IQs than high IQs -  or that more people with low IQs have complications than 
people with high IQs.  You should know better than that :-)
I have an IQ of >180 and I have complications. I'm not offended.

On Tuesday 09 Sep 2003 1:04 pm, you wrote:
> Wow John!
> How many people have you offended here? Me. for one!
> I've had my "IQ" (which is a kinda pointless measurement anyway) done *many
> times* since I was diagnosed at age 4, almost 35 years ago, and I've always
> come in at between 120 and 161 (and yep, these were the full-on 2-hour or
> more tests, not your basic "buy a book and check it" or online tests).
> So I have complications after this duration cos I'm stupid??? Or could it
> just *possibly* be that I was not educated in diabetes management (or that
> such knowledge wasn't available) at critical times, or chose to ignore the
> information (no reflection on intelligence on that one at all! Intelligence
> and "will" are VERY different things, particularly to a teenager), or that
> my genetic build isn't great?
> I can also tell you one of the most clever (IQ-wise) people I have ever
> known was also a heroin addict. She happened to be my sister, and died at
> age 42, 2 years ago. Drug addiction and "intelligence" are not rare
> bedfellows - drug addiction and escape are.
> Wow, I am so shocked you would make such a statement... I think appalled is
> a better word actually.
> Regards
> The Stupid Aussie (dm almost 35 yrs, pumping 25yrs, retinopathy and some
> kidney dysfunction)
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