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Re: [IPk] IQ and complications, was Can't get the hang of eating out

Wow John!

How many people have you offended here? Me. for one!

I've had my "IQ" (which is a kinda pointless measurement anyway) done *many 
times* since I was diagnosed at age 4, almost 35 years ago, and I've always 
come in at between 120 and 161 (and yep, these were the full-on 2-hour or 
more tests, not your basic "buy a book and check it" or online tests).

So I have complications after this duration cos I'm stupid??? Or could it 
just *possibly* be that I was not educated in diabetes management (or that 
such knowledge wasn't available) at critical times, or chose to ignore the 
information (no reflection on intelligence on that one at all! Intelligence 
and "will" are VERY different things, particularly to a teenager), or that 
my genetic build isn't great?

I can also tell you one of the most clever (IQ-wise) people I have ever 
known was also a heroin addict. She happened to be my sister, and died at 
age 42, 2 years ago. Drug addiction and "intelligence" are not rare 
bedfellows - drug addiction and escape are.

Wow, I am so shocked you would make such a statement... I think appalled is 
a better word actually.


The Stupid Aussie (dm almost 35 yrs, pumping 25yrs, retinopathy and some 
kidney dysfunction)

At 09:29 PM 9/09/2003, you wrote:

>I met a doctor "socially" two years ago - she was chaperoning 3 girls who
>were involved in a concert I was singing in. I got chatting to her
>backstage, and my diabetes experiences came up in conversation. She'd
>worked for many years as a GP in a run-down London suburb, where most of
>her Type 1 diabetes patients were using their syringes to inject heroin
>etc. Her observation was that classic diabetes complications are very
>closely liked with IQ. (Sorry Di - that's not to say you can't be
>intelligent and have comps, but that there is a statistical link...) Seems
>to make sense.

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