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Re: [IPk] Can't get the hang of eating out

>I'm struggling slightly as I went out for a meal on Saturday night and found
>my BG's were really high when I got home (thankfully I don't go for meals very

Trisha -

A few idle thoughts. Ignore or disagree as necessary.

If you're eating out every day (like lunch in the works canteen, say) I
guess you'll fairly quickly work out how much insulin is needed for what
food (by trial and error if nothing else - although it tends to be more
error than trial!). I know we are all taught how to carb count etc - but I
am convinved that sometimes this does not tell you the whole truth about
how much insulin a dish of food needs. Protein, fat, caffeine, alcohol,
nicotine(!), tiredness, weather, "sense of occasion" - in my experience
these all tend to throw things out, and all you can do is observe what
happens, and make adjustments next time round if possible.

If you eat out once a year, there's less chance to sort it all out, but
does that really matter for such a rare occurence? I remember when I was
first diagnosed 27 years ago the advice was don't worry about Christmas
Day!!! (Anyone remember those recipes for a DISGUSTING diabetic christmas
cake? Or the diabetic jelly that caused the bowels to explode?)

Eating out once-a-week is trickier. That is often enough to have an effect
on your overall control. I find that things like a kebab do need more
insulin than I would normally expect. Why I can't say. May be the large
ammount of fat/protein, or it may just be eating-out-syndrome, where the
body's metabolism just shifts. Don't know. But I have learnt to test often,
and bolus extra insulin as necessary. (I don't use square or dual-wave
bolus either. I'll just hit an extra 2 units two hours later, or whatever.)

If it was a one-off problem, it may just have been one of those days - body
fighting off infection or whatever. My wife and I both had a horrendous
24hr flus yesterday. I wasn't sick in the end, but spent most of the day
trying to be. Ah - the joys of the pump where you don't *have* to eat. I'll
be back at work tonight at an opera rehearsal.

I met a doctor "socially" two years ago - she was chaperoning 3 girls who
were involved in a concert I was singing in. I got chatting to her
backstage, and my diabetes experiences came up in conversation. She'd
worked for many years as a GP in a run-down London suburb, where most of
her Type 1 diabetes patients were using their syringes to inject heroin
etc. Her observation was that classic diabetes complications are very
closely liked with IQ. (Sorry Di - that's not to say you can't be
intelligent and have comps, but that there is a statistical link...) Seems
to make sense.


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