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Re: [IPk] Can't get the hang of eating out

Hi Trisha,

some people find that protein can have a delayed impact on bgs, so maybe 
that is why you were high the next morning?

I haven't mastered dual wave/square wave bolus yet either - good luck next 
time you eat out.


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>Subject: [IPk] Can't get the hang of eating out
>Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 20:54:32 -0000
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>Hi everyone,
>I'm struggling slightly as I went out for a meal on Saturday night and 
>my BG's were really high when I got home (thankfully I don't go for meals 
>BG's were fine up until the meal.  Pre-meal I was 4.8 and because the meal 
>delayed I had 3 glucose tablets.  My meal arrived prawn coctail, steak,
>broccoli and about 20 thick cut chips, and then I had a rich chocolate 
>I estimated that the carbs were approx. 70g and bolused 3 units when main 
>came and another 4 units when desert arrived (I can't get hang of dual wave
>bolus yet).
>When I got home my BG was 17.1 so I correction bolused 4 units thinking 
>that I
>should come down to about 9mmol.  When I woke up at 6am next morning I was
>Am I counting carbs wrong?  Whatever the reason I was quite high for most 
>Sunday despite correction boluses.  Thankfully today I am back to normal.
>Can anyone help me on this?
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