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Re: [IPk] School prob


Has the school nurse been involved with the school and yourselves about 
 diabetes and school? My youngest has just started school and has a nut allergy,
has to be injected with an EpiPen (Epinephrine) if he were to go into 
 Anaphalactic shock (not sure its spelt right). Anyway, just before he started
the school nurse got into contact and she aranged a teaching session for all 
the school staff on signs, symptoms and how to administer the EpiPen.  It was 
such a relief not to be left with the responsibility to educate the school.  
 Unusually the school have never had a child with my sons condition before. In
light of this I thought that the school nurse would have a major involvement 
in your childs condition, does the school nurse know?

Hope this makes sense (Hypo, but had to reply)
Mandy xxx
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