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Re: [IPk] School prob


Just remember that attitudes like this school's thankfully are diminishing
slowly.  It is only us diabetics that inform either the unknowledgable or
pure ignorant people that it is not as "life and death" as it may seem in
the hope that these people understand a bit more.  I do hope though that you
are not hitting your head against a brick wall this this school.  Whatever
you decide to do, maybe it would be worth asking the school if someone could
do a talk to the whole school in the hope that the children already
attending don't grow up to think with the same attitude.

Just a thought ...


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> Hi Everyone
> I have just got off the phone to the school.  I asked them three question
> and here they are with their answers:
> 1 If Libby does a blood test and her sugars are high what will you do?
> A Call the paramedics.
> 2 When the class have a treat what will libby do?
> A The class won't have treats until she can
> 3 Can she have a mobile phone so she can call us and we do it over the
> phone?
> A No under any circumstances.
> Needless to say Libby is now at home.
> Do you ever feel the world is against you?
> Many thanksfor all your support.
> Kayleigh Grace
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