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Re: [IPk] How will I benefit with Lantus?

Hi Barbara,

I agree with Michael's reply. There are a couple of provisos: the DSN I see
said that experience is showing that lantus often does not last for 24
hours, but as little as 22 (and, in some cases, 20 hours). The other
difficulty many people are reporting is that an adjustment can take up to 3
days to work out in your system - so you don't know if betteg BGs are
because lantus or not.

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> Hello everyone
> Most of you know that I chat in the Support groups about my daughter
> who moved onto a pump in Nov 2002 but I am also diabetic and so is my
> and sister and many others in the family.
> I am about to see my specialist and I want to ask him if I can try Lantus.
> am not a big eater but I tend to snack throughout the day.  If I go onto
> Lantus, will I have to inject every time I fancy a snack?  I suppose I
>  because my daughter is on a pump and we have to tell her to bolus for
> everything she
> eats.
> Barbara (scared of needles but might need more than 4 per day)
> Mum to Danielle, dx Aug 2001, pumping since Nov 2002
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