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RE: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

I was dxed in the days when you had "pre-diabetes" i.e. running high on
random bg tests not always fasting.

I've requested antibody tests on various occasions at different clinics and
always been refused as "we don't do that here".

Perhaps because I've always had a researching type of personality, I read up
and studied as much as I could as early as I could but many don't nor are
they encouraged to do so.

At the DM centre when I went to collect pump supplies, the dietitian there
(who is remarkably open regarding ways of eating - "horses for courses"
approach), said one person had just been in the clinic for their annual
review and had not tested their bg since last annual review.

Apparently my appalling HbA1C (last one) of 7.8 was regarded as "good"
despite being in the damage zone "in comparison to many we see here".  Mine
was due to out of control bgs as you may recall I developed antibodies to
either humalog or its diluent and it took some time for me to work it out
and convince the docs.

How many type 2s who apparently "do well" on the regime you describe, would
be found to be doing not so well if regular testing was done?

A DM consultant at Deaconess Hospital, Boston (also a DMer), has said not
altogether wholly light-heartedly, "DM-2 is called "2" because you need to
test at least TWo times a day, fasting in the morning and TWO hours after
your largest meal."

Another point he makes, and BTW I have had my disagreements with his views
before now but not with this, "We should all have to remember as well that

_ There are NO two days that are metabolically identical

- Testing frequently gives you surprises (Highs or lows)that you did not

In general, I would say that at least 20% of the times many persons test,
they come up with a surprise.

One last aspect, testing, specially postprandial testing, scares you! It
shows you how high the Bg goes and it helps you to stay on your diet."

If more people were taught the importance of testing and what to do as a
result of their test results, then the hassle many of us have over test
strips being a waste of money, would desist.  DAFNE is merely what many of
us have been doing for years but if it helps others, great.

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