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Re: [IPk] How will I benefit with Lantus?

> Hello everyone
> Most of you know that I chat in the Support groups about my daughter
> Danielle who moved onto a pump in Nov 2002 but I am also diabetic
> and so is my brother and sister and many others in the family.  
> I am about to see my specialist and I want to ask him if I can try
> Lantus.  I am not a big eater but I tend to snack throughout the
> day.  If I go onto Lantus, will I have to inject every time I fancy
> a snack?  I suppose I will 
>  because my daughter is on a pump and we have to tell her to bolus
>  for
> everything she
> eats.

Lantus is a super-long term insulin-analog which is supposed to 
release over a 24 hour period. Some people take injections 12 hours 
apart to further "smooth" the release curve. Meals, snacks, etc.... 
would be covered by a fast acting insulin like Novo-Rapid or Humalog 
taken seperately with Lantus just providing your "basal" insulin. If 
you don't have dawn effect or other similar metabolic requirement for 
varying insulin levels, lantus may be for you.

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