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Re: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

Hi Rhoda
I think that much more so than with type I, type II diabetes really affects 
people in a much wider range of ways. There are a lot of type IIs out there 
who are more like type Is in that their BG levels vary a lot, and they really 
need to keep a very close eye on them, test frequently, and rally monitor 
their food intake carefully. However, there are definitely some type IIs out 
there who can get away with very little testing, and can maintain very good 
BG levels without doing very much at all apart from taking the tablets or 
whatever. I don't know if it's a majority - I suspect not - but it seems that 
this is the view that - sadly - most people have of type II diabetes, 
including many medical professionals. For this type of person, it might well 
be sufficient to test so infrequently. But as with everything related to 
diabetes, you can't generalise, and I agree with you that Professor whatever 
his name was is wrong in this respect. And it's nothing to do with whether 
people are on d&e, tablets or insulin. Just the way some people are.

On Monday 08 Sep 2003 9:27 am, you wrote:
> My problem remains, Melissa.
> I started on orals and without testing about 3 - 5 times a day I would not
> have discovered so early that the "pills", diet and exercise were not
> controlling my diabetes.
> I repeatedly hear at the Diabetic Clinic and from my GP how so few type 2s
> test.  But how many are encouraged not to by theories such as this?
> Interestingly a lot of DMers I have met at the DM clinic over the years
> with serious complications are Type 2s on pills or very, very belatedly,
> insulin - often of the pre-mixed variety and only bd!
> As you say, Melissa, probably far more Type 2s should be on insulin.
> I am angry, not at you, but at the way so many Type 2s are encouraged to
> think that their disease is not serious as compared with Type 1.
> Either form of this darn disease is a bitch!
> I only wish that the beta cell dysfunction research finding would be
> trumpeted loud and clear so that even busy docs can read, understand,
> absorb and implement into their practice.  Guess I'm just mightily
> frustrated at having had to fight my way through the system for so long
> like so many others of us on this list, including medics!
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