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RE: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

Hi Rhoda,

When I said 'pill-treated' type 2s, I was talking about the ones on oral 
medications (+ diet and exercise) only, who would likely be advised by many 
doctors to test their blood glucose 1x/day, before breakfast. I had hoped to 
imply with the phrase 'pill-treated' that Prof. Bolli's recommendation did 
not apply to type 2s self-administering insulin subcutaneously. He in fact 
advised 4 tests per day for most type 2s on insulin therapy. I'll be more 
technically specific next time. Sorry for being unclear.

You may be interested to know that the latest research indicates that within 
about 5 years of onset type 2 leads to beta cell dysfunction, resulting in 
measurable insulin deficiency. At the moment about 30% of type 2s are 
estimated to be on insulin therapy, while perhaps 80% of type 2s ought to be 
on insulin.


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From: "R C Martin" <email @ redacted>
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Subject: RE: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 06:38:40 +0100

Prof Bolli is talking rubbish about Type 2s in my opinion.

But then I've only lived with the vagaries of type 2 for almost 25 years.

a daily test at 5pm would by now mean I would have multiple complications
due to uncontrolled DM and as someone with a great HbA1C for years resulting
from hypers and hypos I only hope he doesn't develop Type 2 and follow his
own theories!

Rhoda (desperately trying not to yell unprintable Anglo-saxon expletives at
this early stage of a Monday morning).  And someone who has tested daily up
to six times a day for years and is now on a pump.  But then according to Dr
Bolli that, no doubt, shouldn't happen.

Melissa wrote:
He had
an interesting, and very sensible (I thought) perspective on pill-treated
type 2s: 4 tests in one day every month or so to see what patterns are like
and to make changes to a regimen, even if HbA1c is in the range of 7 or
below; as well as 1 bg test per day *at 5 p.m.*, not fasting. Makes sense,
though: if you're a type 2, it's important to know if your food and your
medication (whether oral or insulin) are working together properly through
the day. A type 2 could have appalling blood sugar levels from
post-breakfast until bedtime, but if the body does 'stuff' to fix things
while he or she's asleep a fasting bg could be just fine regardless of the
daytime lack of control.

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years

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