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RE: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

Prof Bolli is talking rubbish about Type 2s in my opinion.

But then I've only lived with the vagaries of type 2 for almost 25 years.

a daily test at 5pm would by now mean I would have multiple complications
due to uncontrolled DM and as someone with a great HbA1C for years resulting
from hypers and hypos I only hope he doesn't develop Type 2 and follow his
own theories!

Rhoda (desperately trying not to yell unprintable Anglo-saxon expletives at
this early stage of a Monday morning).  And someone who has tested daily up
to six times a day for years and is now on a pump.  But then according to Dr
Bolli that, no doubt, shouldn't happen.

Melissa wrote:
He had
an interesting, and very sensible (I thought) perspective on pill-treated
type 2s: 4 tests in one day every month or so to see what patterns are like
and to make changes to a regimen, even if HbA1c is in the range of 7 or
below; as well as 1 bg test per day *at 5 p.m.*, not fasting. Makes sense,
though: if you're a type 2, it's important to know if your food and your
medication (whether oral or insulin) are working together properly through
the day. A type 2 could have appalling blood sugar levels from
post-breakfast until bedtime, but if the body does 'stuff' to fix things
while he or she's asleep a fasting bg could be just fine regardless of the
daytime lack of control.

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years

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