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Re: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

I actually test less on a pump than on MDI, because my Bg levels are so 
much more stable. But I still test an average of about 8 times a day. 
Today I tested 12 times, but I was playing in a softball tournament all 
day and really needed to keep my BGs in range without going low.
But most people probably do test more on the pump.

Abigail King wrote:

> I can't 100 per cent agree that a person on injections has to test less than
> on a pump. Ok you can't alter basal rates but people on MDI still bolus
> before meals, and the fact that you can't tailor the basal insulin to more
> or less meet your exact requirements, to me would mean that testing was even
> more necessary to see if a snack or correction bolus would be needed
> Of course the majority of people on injections probabley don't do this. But
> then many people are not told and have not figured to test before driving,
> or to carb count etc etc
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