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Re: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

I can't 100 per cent agree that a person on injections has to test less than
on a pump. Ok you can't alter basal rates but people on MDI still bolus
before meals, and the fact that you can't tailor the basal insulin to more
or less meet your exact requirements, to me would mean that testing was even
more necessary to see if a snack or correction bolus would be needed
Of course the majority of people on injections probabley don't do this. But
then many people are not told and have not figured to test before driving,
or to carb count etc etc


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Subject: Re: [IPk] RE: How many tests per day

> >Glad to see I'm not going mad. Thanks everyone for the replies.  The GP
> >actually got me believing I was doing something wrong by testing as much.
> >should really know better that that.
> >
> >I've written to my consultant and asked him to "educate" my GP :-)
> Hi Nick -
> Sorry to come in late on this one, but yes - the problem is that the
> "rules" your GP has are aimed at Type 1's on injection therapy. Insulin
> pump therapy is entirely different, in that you manage your BG "on the
> with correction boluses before each meal. If you haven't checked your BG,
> you can't do it :-)
> I test about 7 times a day I guess. My results are automatically archived
> at http://www.webshowcase.net/diabetes/archive/ which my doctor can look
> any time he wants. According to the web log, the page does get a lot of
> hits. Whether it's real people looking at my BG results, or just indexing
> robots that trawl the web the whole day, I don't know...
> John
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