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Re: [IPk] Now a school problem!!

>Can anyone help?  We have just been to our 8 year olds school to be told
>that legally they cannot support her in school.  They cannot carb count
>and they will not adjust her insulin.  Basically we know that we do not
>have a leg to stand on but has anyone got any ideas of ways to get around

Can't offer any practical advice, Kayleigh. But when I was diagnosed -
gosh, back in 1977, when I was 11 years old - I was admitted to the Bristol
Children's Hospital, and promptly caught a nasty bug (hospital super-bugs
were around even then). And ended up being fed by drip in an isolation
room. So it took 2 weeks for me to be "well enough" to go home. Before I
went back to school, the head of my school house visited us at home to find
out what needed to be done. OK - it was a private school. Maybe by paying
you get better treatment? Don't know. There was already someone else at the
school with diabetes (appallingly controlled - don't know if he's still
alive even). I often stayed late in the evenings for sports, orchestral
rehearsals etc so took my evening injection and urine test in the matron's
office. It was no big issue. I ran my diabetes myself.

I appreciate that blood testing and dosage adjustment make everything a lot
more critical these days. And perhaps we get better results - or perhaps
not (I believe the evidence is not overwhelming). But do schools really not
have some duty of care, if medical treatment has to be administered?


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