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[IPk] school probs

My god you guys are quick!!

Yes we sent Libby with a pack up of a ham sandwich, pack of crisps, Jaffa
roll and a Sunny D drink.  A piece of paper was included that listed the
carbs for each item and the insulin needed for each food.  Under the list
of food carbs was a line to put the final sum and I wrote divide by 15
=_____units.  They still got it wrong!!  This is a headmaster!!!   Anyway
it took them, according to them anyway , over 20mins to work it out.  Its
too time consuming and the responsibility is too great.  They feel they
need medical training in carbs, insulin, diabetes control and the pump. 
I wonder when we get all this training?!  The guy from the local
authorities is on holiday until a week Monday so we just have to wait. 
Libby might not be going into school next week as we just cant go into
school twice maybe three times a day all week.  I have to work and, as I
said before, my husband just cant go in due to other commitments.  We
are on call 24/7 for any problems but this isnt good enough.  We have
offered that they have a mobile for Libby and she can call after her
snack/dinner and we will work it out and she can give herself the
insulin.  It is reassuring to know some schools in this country have some
ideas and I do appreciate the support with your story.&nbs! p; It gives
us hope and I would like to say to anyone reading t his thinking of going
on a pump  it is wonderful dont let things like this put you off!!

Cheers  not quite so near the end of the rope now Ive calmed down

Kayleigh - mum to the noisiest 8 year old in the world.


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