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Re: [IPk] Now a school problem!!

Hi Kayleigh,

sorry to hear of your school's problems....

Does Libby have a mobile phone?  And does she press the buttons on her pump 
herself?  If she can do both (sorry I don't know what an 8 year old can do!) 
could she ring you when she wants to eat so she knows what to give herself?

Just my two pennies worth, and good luck,


>From: "Kayleigh Grace" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] Now a school problem!!
>Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2003 16:22:14 +0000
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>Hi Everyone
>Can anyone help?  We have just been to our 8 year olds school to be told
>that legally they cannot support her in school.  They cannot carb count
>and they will not adjust her insulin.  Basically we know that we do not
>have a leg to stand on but has anyone got any ideas of ways to get around
>this? So far we have written everything down that needs to be done eg the
>carbs for each food, as well as the insulin dose so they only have to add
>up what she has eaten and ask her to administrate it, we have been
>available all day to answer any queries and to talk them through any
>problems that have arisen. These incidentally have been - none on behalf
>of our daughter and 2 on behalf of the school (1. worrying about a low
>reading, it was 5 no problems, if they had listened or read the sheet we
>went over with the! m there would have been no problem one phone call and
>it was sorted. 2. The headmaster added carbs and got a different answer
>to us. Reassuring isnt it? Again no problems as far as we are concerned,
>hiccups will happen.  They now want us to go in at break, lunch and any
>other time she needs to adjust or eat.  I teach full time and my husband
>has commitments that simply make this impossible on a daily basis.  We
>have fought so long and hard to get this pump that this just seems like
>another kick in the teeth by the government.  We know that for the
>insurance sake that a teacher has to take responsibility for the care but
>what do we do if no-one will?  Our hospital team are not having their
>pump training until October.  </! SPAN>(We are doing this without the
>hospitals support  just Disetroni cs who are wonderful  thanks Chris!!)
>The only alternative we can see is that she is educated at home.  The way
>I feel right now is that if she went and mugged someone she would
>probably get help with her Diabetes management and a personal tutor.
>Thank you and Good night.
>Seriously, thanks for letting me vent but if anyone has similar
>experiences or any ideas to help please let us know.
>At the end of my rope and about to jump
>Kayleigh Grace - mum of Libby aged 8 diabetic 3.5years, pumping 6 weeks
>(and very healthy now!!)
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