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[IPk] Re: Pleased with Danielle's School

In a message dated 05/09/2003 19:58:55 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I would just like to say Hip hip hooray!!  I am so pleased to hear things
> like that.
> When I was diagnosed at the age of 4 there were only 2 diabetic children in
> my town and my current school at that time did not understand or want to
> understand anything about diabetes, despite my mum trying to inform them.
> For the duration of that school which lasted 3 years I was made to sit in a
> classroom on my own away from all the other children to eat my lunch (there
> were no blood machines in those days).  That started my mental state of
> thinking I was a freak and different from all other children.
> At the age of 7 when I was due to change schools the preferred Primary
> school headmaster refused to take me and said that I needed to go to a
> "special school".  My mum yet again battled and with the help of school
> secretary the headmaster was persuaded to let me go.  I don't recall any
> blood tests being done while I was at school though.
> Thankfully by the time I reached Secondary School a few more diabetic
> children had emerged and it was not so difficult.
> I think it is wonderful that your daughter's teacher is so enthusiastic and
> willing.
> Trish

Hello again Trish

I was a diabetic child too and so was my sister.  Like you said, there were 
no blood testing machines and we really never knew how high we were or how low 
we were until it was too late and we would be on the floor having sugar and 
water  tipped into your mouth and hair, down your neck and all over your 
 clothes. You never knew anything about it until you came round and there were a
million enlarged-eyed faces looking down at you.

Yes, it is much better today and I am so glad because I would hate for 
 Danielle to be picked on for standing at the front of the dinner queue like I
I never wanted to stand there - my mum told the teachers I had to.  Our mums 
had a lot to put up with didn't they so I suppose we are much luckier to have 
more organisation and recognition today.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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