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Re: [IPk] Now a school problem!!

If they are that worried about counting carbs, could you not send her with a
lunchbox with the days carbs and at what time she is to have them

Yet again it is people not wanting to understand!  You could try and speak
to your MP and see if there is anything they could do in the matter.  Most
MP's have clinics once a month where you can go and talk about these sorts
of things.  Maybe getting your MP on side "might" get the school to gain
some kind of knowledge in diabetes.  After all, are they going to turn away
all children with diabetes?  Will they have a school left in 20 years time?


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> Hi Everyone
> Can anyone help?  We have just been to our 8 year olds school to be told
> that legally they cannot support her in school.  They cannot carb count
> and they will not adjust her insulin.  Basically we know that we do not
> have a leg to stand on but has anyone got any ideas of ways to get around
> this? So far we have written everything down that needs to be done eg the
> carbs for each food, as well as the insulin dose so they only have to add
> up what she has eaten and ask her to administrate it, we have been
> available all day to answer any queries and to talk them through any
> problems that have arisen. These incidentally have been - none on behalf
> of our daughter and 2 on behalf of the school (1. worrying about a low
> reading, it was 5 no problems, if they had listened or read the sheet we
> went over with the! m there would have been no problem one phone call and
> it was sorted. 2. The headmaster added carbs and got a different answer
> to us. Reassuring isnt it? Again no problems as far as we are concerned,
> hiccups will happen.  They now want us to go in at break, lunch and any
> other time she needs to adjust or eat.  I teach full time and my husband
> has commitments that simply make this impossible on a daily basis.  We
> have fought so long and hard to get this pump that this just seems like
> another kick in the teeth by the government.  We know that for the
> insurance sake that a teacher has to take responsibility for the care but
> what do we do if no-one will?  Our hospital team are not having their
> pump training until October.  </! SPAN>(We are doing this without the
> hospitals support  just Disetroni cs who are wonderful  thanks Chris!!)
> The only alternative we can see is that she is educated at home.  The way
> I feel right now is that if she went and mugged someone she would
> probably get help with her Diabetes management and a personal tutor.
> ARGH!!
> Thank you and Good night.
> Seriously, thanks for letting me vent but if anyone has similar
> experiences or any ideas to help please let us know.
> At the end of my rope and about to jump
> Kayleigh Grace - mum of Libby aged 8 diabetic 3.5years, pumping 6 weeks
> (and very healthy now!!)
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