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Re: [IPk] Cures

Isn't it a shame that a lot of consultants can't get as excited about pumps
as supposed imminent cures!!


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> John Neale wrote:
>  Tony - I know we've crossed swords on this one before, and I know you've
> > just been to a glorious international diabetes conference in Paris. But
> > take no hope from a promise of a cure for Type 1 diabetes "in my
> > I've seen it before. When I was diagnosed 27 years ago, the cure was
> > around the corner. 10 years passed. No change - apart from the
> > of "human" insulin, which was a disaster in me. I went back to pork.
> > Another 10 years passed. Still no change. I've seen it written that the
> > most important advance in diabetes care in the last 25 years has not
> > home BG meters, or HbA1cs, but sharper needles. And that's about it. So,
> > yes, there may be a cure sometime soon. Or there may not be. In the
> > meantime, I want to stay complication-free so I can enjoy the party when
> > the cure comes. But I live as if there is no cure imminent.
>  I'm afraid this is very much my view too. I have a school friend that has
> diabetes for over 30 years
>  and she was told the same thing, that there would be a cure within a
> but the decades have come
>  and gone and we still have no cure. However I am extremely glad that
there are
> glucose meters, different
>  insulins and insulin pumps (even though we cant get one!!!!!) I never
talk to
> Sasha about cures as we
>  just don't know. So like you, we live as if there is no imminent cure, so
> Sasha will be in the best
> possible health when/if there is one.  Fingers crossed.
> Jackie Mum of Sasha aged 9
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