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[IPk] Funding the UK NHS

All the current debate about test strip rationing and funding of pumps 
generally highlights the entire funding problem of the NHS.
Until Labour came to power and became obsessed with waiting lists to the 
extent that London NHS now has more Accountants than beds ( hence serious 
shortage of real cash despite increased allocation) the only real underlying 
problem was that budgets were done on 5 year (electoral) cycles and no one 
was interested in long term costs. It is very noticable that those countries 
that have private finance looking after long term health care ( whether 
funded publicly or privately)  fund pump therapy without much question. The 
long term costs of diabetic complications - as we all know - far outweigh 
the short term cost of things like pump therapy and allowing unlimited 
I am afraid that until we actually get more Type 1 types sitting in 
Parliament, chairing PCTs and being Doctors then in the UK we are going to 
However looking at the way people on this list get off their backsides and 
fight I beleive we will actually get there sooner rather than later.
Have a great weekend all.

Ian Grant

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