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RE: [IPk] Heather and driving

John Neale wrote:

 Tony - I know we've crossed swords on this one before, and I know you've
> just been to a glorious international diabetes conference in Paris. But I
> take no hope from a promise of a cure for Type 1 diabetes "in my lifetime".
> I've seen it before. When I was diagnosed 27 years ago, the cure was just
> around the corner. 10 years passed. No change - apart from the introduction
> of "human" insulin, which was a disaster in me. I went back to pork.
> Another 10 years passed. Still no change. I've seen it written that the
> most important advance in diabetes care in the last 25 years has not been
> home BG meters, or HbA1cs, but sharper needles. And that's about it. So,
> yes, there may be a cure sometime soon. Or there may not be. In the
> meantime, I want to stay complication-free so I can enjoy the party when
> the cure comes. But I live as if there is no cure imminent.

 I'm afraid this is very much my view too. I have a school friend that has had
diabetes for over 30 years
 and she was told the same thing, that there would be a cure within a decade,
but the decades have come
 and gone and we still have no cure. However I am extremely glad that there are
glucose meters, different
 insulins and insulin pumps (even though we cant get one!!!!!) I never talk to
Sasha about cures as we
 just don't know. So like you, we live as if there is no imminent cure, so that
Sasha will be in the best
possible health when/if there is one.  Fingers crossed.

Jackie Mum of Sasha aged 9
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