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[IPk] Re: How many tests per day?

In a message dated 05/09/2003 16:05:22 GMT Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> started to explain re the pump and a need to test more frequently, but
> gave up and thought "what's the point!".  He said to get my diabetologist to
> write to him if he thought I needed to test more frequently, which I will
> do.  However, in the meantime I'm curious - how many times do other pumpers
> test on average per day?

Hello Nick

I test Danielle's blood sugar before breakfast, mid-morning, before lunch, 
mid-afternoon, before evening meal, before bed and during the night.  I test 
 more than this when she is very high and it needs correcting. I test her as
as you do really.  The odd day may go by when she is busy playing and eating 
and bolusing and there might be just 4 tests per day.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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