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RE: [IPk] How many tests a day


 I assume all these people who think that a few tests a week is ok, cannnot
possibly have any expirence of
living with diabetes.

 I think the lack of education given to people with diabetes is very inadequate
in most areas.

Its all very worrying.


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> I think the "unecessary " argument for more frequent testing highlights the
> inadequate standards of diabetes education in many areas. Trouble is if they
> don't test they can't adjust things and if they don't know how to act on
> results they can't adjust things. Seems a very conveniant way of making some
> short term financial savings to me
> I read a big document on local guidelines for diabetes care. Not bad on the
> whole ( aimed as much to T2 as T1 though). Dietetic advice was very sketchy
> usual high uncounted complex carbs/ snack on fruit/ wholemeal bread between
> meals if hungry ( not given in the context of carbohydrate and insulin
> adjustment). When talking about care of adolescents I raised some eyebrows.
> Mentioned that once daily insulin did not provide adequate control and twice
> daily normally needed in the hectic life of a teenager ( twice daily
> =flexible? and who would inflict a once daily on anyone: forcing them to
> have dinner at a fixed time as well as lunch ), although also talked about
> advantages of basal bolus regimens for flexibility. Then mentioned that this
> in itself doesn't give better contol. In the next paragraph stated that
> teenagers should test enough to feel confident about their diabetes: usually
> 6 to 8 times per week ??!!!. This is mentioned in the context of  dislike
> and refusal to test by many,>
> Does have  a section of driving and underlines the importance of testing
> then. Also testing at times relevant to excercise
> A great deal of talk about aiming for A1c of 7 and possible need to change
> treatment plan if persistantly 8 or above.Also talk of patient empowerment.
> I don't call testing less than at least 3-4 times per day when on insulin,
> empowerment ( although some may disagree if have a dislike of tests !)
> >
> >  My daughter Sasha is 9 and on MDI, I would reckon that she tests about 7
> times
> > a day. No one has said
> >  anything about test strips yet!!!!!!!!!! my GP is very supportive, but I
> know
> > other Drs in the practice
> >  would not prescribe me enough. Here in Gloucestershire they are trying to
> stop
> > meters and strips being
> >  given to people with type 2 diabetes, unless they are on insulin and then
> they
> > are supposed to test only
> >  twice a week!!!! They say its unecessary and that no one "acts on the
> results".
> > I am worried that it
> >  may lead to strips for type 1 being rationed. Also in my expirence of
> people
> > with type 2 diabetes they do
> >  use the results to change thei My consultant questions the amount of
> tests we
> > do a day but we cannot
> >  keep levels reasonable unless we do. Sasha has no hypo awareness when
> asleep so
> > we have to test during
> > the night.
> >
> >
> > Jackie
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