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[IPk] tests and driving

To me 3 x per day when initiating insulin and then reducing it would seem
wholly inadequate. 3 or 4 is a reasonable minimum for anyone on insulin
assuming you are going to do something about it if the results are out of
range ( even on a twice daily regimen if for example BG is out of range at
breakfast you could adjust carb intake or excercise if practical to do this.
If you are trying for tight control and on flexible therapy, feel unwell etc
or want to check levels are ok to drive then obviously more are needed. I
personally average 5 per day but occasionally only 3 and sometimes 7 or 8 if
BGs are v. out of control or driving long distances. I'm afraid the too many
tests argment is born largely out of cost cutting ( strips are undoubtedly
expensive and the manufacturers sell metres at a loss and make a huge profit
on the strips)
and GPs are struggling to keep within budget, in many cases PCTs are laying
down blanket rules about frequency of testing. Of course for many people
testing is not shown to be efective at improving ocntrol becasue either they
are not motivated to act on results or have had insufficient education/ are
not on the best regimen for them
I am fortunate. The only probs I had was last January when there was some
directive to reduce Type 2s to only 50 per month and they accidentally reduced
mine but I immediateely had the full amount reinstated when I pointed this
out. Now I get 3 months at a time ( 500). I was absolutely flabbergasted that
they are willing to give out this amount all at once. I got a weird look from
the pharmacist who thought there was a mistake and it should have read 50 (
Yeah less than 2 tests per day- right)
There is a positon statement on D Uks website re testing and also an advice
sheet on what to do if your GP refuses to prescribe you enough strips, If you
go to the website, info centre and look under M for monitoring
Quite honestly the only way this scenario could be solved would be either to
throw vast sums of money to increase prescribing budgets or possibley to force
every GP in the land to live in the body of a T1 diabetic trying to lead a
normal life and control difficult diabetes ( I will not use the word brittle
as it often either implies that the person is manipulating  for some gain or
that there is some mystery to the whole thing)

my earlier post about T1s not driving was meant purely tongue in cheek. I know
everyone with D is unique
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