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Re: [IPk] workplace discrimination

Yes, I mean the former.

I spoke about this at a meeting of the EU Parliamentary working group on
diabetes on Tuesday. It was well attended by the standards of these meetings,
and it was agreed that we would pursue funding from the Commission to explore
the area of discrimination in more detail. An MEP will also write to ministers
for employment seeking clarification on their steps to rationalise employment
for people with diabetes. While much of the impetus for this comes from social
change and an increased interest in the principle of the right to work, more
comes in my view from the improved risk profile for people using oral
medications or insulin in the past 5 years. Naturally pumps are the epitome of
this change for type 1's, but I have written a document for Irish employers
outlining a whole range of relevant improvements.

By the way, if you don't think discrimination is a big issue, any of you tried
joining the police recently? In most European countries you can't work at sea
(I know of a cross-channel ferry hairdresser who lost her job on developing
diabetes!), at heights, drive trains, buses, road sweepers, taxis, etc. In
some countries it's much worse, for example in Portugal a nursing school tests
for diabetes and excludes entrants with this condition! In the UK, you can now
drive an ambulance, but you still cannot work as a jockey!

Any of you secretly working in 'blanket ban' areas??? I would very much like
to hear from you, in complete confidence, at email @ redacted


Tony O'Sullivan
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