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RE: [IPk] How many tests a day

Yes Nick, you are entirely right. How many times I test really depends on
what I'm doing but it can be anything from 7 upwards. I get strips in 400s
at a time and fortunately no-one has ever argued it with me (I had this many
even on MDI) - and I don't think they should as I easily use them before
they go out of date and it does save loads of trips to doctors and pharmacy
(my pet hates!). my pharmacy noted me as a regular and offered me the
prescription collection service. I would totally recommend it as you just
drop off the prescription at the doctors then collect from the pharmacy (so
don't have to pick up the prescription and take it to the pharmacy). This
also means if you leave it a week between leaving the prescription and
picking up the stuff the pharmacy has chance to get in any items they don't
have so saves a trip to the pharmacy too. Lloyds and Boots pharmacies def do
this, and I'm not sure which others.
Sarah (laziness exposed!)

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I agree with Nick. 7 times is not excesive at all. I can test 10-12 times a
day especially at tricky/unpredictable times. I have just caught a hypo in
its development as I sit here typing this:- tested about an hour ago was 9.7
and now 4.6 - no doubt that if I had not have tested would have gone hypo.
On holiday I can be testing about once an hour,
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