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Re: [IPk] driving

Hi Abigail
In case anyone misunderstood, I didn't mean to insinuate that people 
with high BGs shouldn't drive in general. Just that in my case I thought 
I was being safe by keeping my Bgs high, but not really that safe after 
all (though still less dangerous than having a hypo while driving). 
Especially as i have a tendency to fall asleep when my BGs are high. The 
whole area is a minefield because everyone is different.

Abigail King wrote:

> perhaps that person who wrote a very contraversial letter to Balance a few
 > years ago suggesting a blanket ban on driving for those on insulin was
> ! (vbg)
> ok high bg = impaired concentration. So does feeling tired because you didn't
> sleep very well the night before. The big issue is that high BG doesn't lead
> to sudden LOC and you can't be accused of driving under the influence of
> drugs. I suppose at the end of the day it's the individuals judgment as long
> as no history of sudden blackouts etc due to hypos/ or visual probs due to
> diabetes, Personally Although not at my best when " high" I don;t think
> concentration is impaired to make driving dangerous for me.The main danger
 > might be on a long journey when I would be tempted to under correct a high BG
> due to fear of causing a hypo ( problem if ketonuria is developing)
> ----------------------------------------------------------
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