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[IPk] driving

perhaps that person who wrote a very contraversial letter to Balance a few
years ago suggesting a blanket ban on driving for those on insulin was correct
! (vbg)
ok high bg = impaired concentration. So does feeling tired because you didn't
sleep very well the night before. The big issue is that high BG doesn't lead
to sudden LOC and you can't be accused of driving under the influence of
drugs. I suppose at the end of the day it's the individuals judgment as long
as no history of sudden blackouts etc due to hypos/ or visual probs due to
diabetes, Personally Although not at my best when " high" I don;t think
concentration is impaired to make driving dangerous for me.The main danger
might be on a long journey when I would be tempted to under correct a  high BG
due to fear of causing a hypo ( problem if ketonuria is developing)
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