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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #488

Hi Ehtesham

You've joined a good group.  If you want to know about pump therapy, you'll
find it here and some very helpful people.  I've had DM for 36years since 12
years old.  However, things change a lot  and I'm still learning!!!  Learnt
loads in the last 18 months form here, a lot to convince me that pump
therapy might suit me rather than MDI.  I am a neonatal intensive care
nurse, work shifts etc etc and had worked hard  for years keeping my HBA1c
down and hypos which luckily I could sort myself.  I've been on a pump for
nearly two months and am so pleased with it, wish it had been available 20
years ago.  So good luck with everything, DM is a bother but you can do
everything you want.


Has anyone had large conflicting  results with bG monitors?  Yesterday, I
misjudged the late effect of exercise in the morning by having a slowly
abosrbed carb lunch with very small bolus and felt very hypo pm.
Unfortunately  I had an interview to get to so in my panic I over did the
glucose tabs to get me ready to drive.  After the interview my BS was first
14.4, by the time I got home it was 24 so I bolused 4 units, checked 1 hour
later and it was 29mmol!! All checked with one touch ultra on arm site.
Injected 2 units although site fine.  Next check was with medisense finger
site and it was 13 only 1/2 hour later but on one touch ultra on arm it was
19.9!!  I know there is a difference between sites but didn't realise it
could be that big.  I find it a shock on the pump how quickly things go
high.  I didn't do that on glargine or insulatard.  Got it down okay and
this morning the two meters read 5.9 and 6.3 respectively - acceptable.  I
suppose by correcting quickly the effect on HBA1c is limited as I have been
surprised at having a lowest ever HBA1c of 5.5%.  It makes me wonder if my
meter is making me keep too low and could have contributed to yesterdays
hypo.  I wish I was being followed up by a pump center as due to back logs
my appointment with my consultant has been put back 8 months to next March,
should have seen him in July following starting pump but haven't.  The
reality is  I have the experience and have to problem solve myself.

John, Great news, so pleased for you.
Best wishes
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