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Re: [IPk] Re: Driving

I fully respect this but one hypo which may have arisen in exceptional
cirumstances such as a new medication which blunts warnings of hypos :
problem ressolved when this is stopped, or change in insulin which does
clearly not suit the individual and warnings come back fully when changed
back, or  hypo in a hospital when the patient is too unwell to take care of
their own diabetes . Seems a bit harsh that licence can be lost for 6 months
in theses circumstances. And presumabley it is returnrd only on satisfactory
medical review: what if there is no diabetes consultant or a 12 month wating
list, or the care in your area is generally crap so you don;t ge the optimum
advice on how to avoid this type of thing happening again. Obviously if it
happens again then I ould be concerned about that person driving until it
was properly sorted out .And of course the person should be revied if there
is concern about their safety, prior to them driving again. So I think I'm
getting into another argument here about standards of care in some areas
 and of course restrictions on prescribing strips etc etc)
John's comment about fear of disclosing hypos to medical teams is also very
relevant. Patient runs high to avoid hypos, gets "wrists slapped" for this
and so becomes alienated from clinic, so consultant refuses to give
satisfactory report for renewal of 3 yearly licence due to clinic non
attendance. I'm sure this must happen and I'm sure that pateints have been
threatened re driving license due to unsatisfactory control even if doing
this to avoid hypos

I could get into wider discussion about lack of adequate public transport
etc. Surely this discriminates against people who are medically unfit to
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> I don't think anyone is going to like me saying this, but these are my
views on
> driving with a condition that could potentially cause lack of
>  Every road user, like anyone else, owes a duty of care to any person that
> be affected by their actions. If a lack of concetration due to that
> causes an accident then there is a possibility you may be sued for
> as well as any criminal charges that may arise. We have the condition, we
> what can happen when things go wrong, but I guess it is up to the
> concerned. I am not allowed to drive, but in the days when I was able to I
> wouldn't. quite simply because if I injured or even killed someone as a
> of loosing concentration for a split second I could never live with
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