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[IPk] Heather and driving

Heather. You are very honest .when you say a hypo without warning do you mean
the 999 variety or just needing help/ being confused etc . Was ityou who made
this decision or was it the local A and E/ diabetes consultant. I have read
guidleines somewhere, that after a hypo needing assistance from others ,
driving should normally cease for 6 months. How many times does that actually
happen, and while impaierd awareness is a danger when driving, surely there
are exceptional circumstances like a one off medication which caused blunting
of symptoms or a change of mediaction which did not suit the individual/ and
problem ressolved as soon as changed back. I know that driving is a priviledge
and hypoglycaemia presents a very real risk, but we also have to see the other
side of the coin and the potential for loss of livelihood etc. I certainly
would be devastated if I lost my licence-I certainly could not continue my
current employment and am not sure how employable I would be elsewhere without
a licence and with a history of severe hypos
I like many have problems with hypos in hot whether and notice a definate
blunting of symptoms and am occcasionally surprised by a low reading when I
feel ok. My hypo awareness isusually pretty good and the only time I otherwise
have problems recognising them is when drinking alcohol. basal rates,
correstion boluses and boluses for food are all much smaller with me during
hot whether.
I wonder how many people with diabetes are running hyperglycaemic to avoid
hypos and the impact on driving and employment. I suspect it is an awful lot.
In some ways diabetes can be like a slap on the face: you do things right and
then are punnished. It does annoy me when complications are used as a stick to
beat people with when in poor control, and they are accused of neglecting
their health. Usually if someone is trying to impress the importance of "good
control" they do not mention the implications that a severe hypo can have on a
persons life
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