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Re: [IPk] Help - PCT question re funding

Good luck, hope you get the funding....

I am on a pump temporarily through Kings', and one way they save money is to 
have all the pump supplies sent to the hospital.  It means I have to make a 
trip there myself to pick up the supplies when I see fit, probably in future 
every three months or so.

I am conscious that I am not paying myself so I try to make the sets last, 
on average 3 1/2 - 4 days.

Good luck again,


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>Subject: [IPk] Help - PCT question re funding
>Date: Wed,  3 Sep 2003 14:01:12 +0200 (CEST)
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>Hi all,
>  I have been continuing to work towards getting Sam funded, and submitted 
>large batch of documents to our PCT in May. It has taken a lot of chasing 
>many phone calls, not helped by the fact that the person who was dealing 
>this has been off on long term sick leave, but I think I may actually be 
>  This morning I have had a call from the Director of Commissioning to 
>for the severe delay in getting back to me, but also to raise some valid
>queries. Sam is their first pump patient and they are approaching the 
>from first principles, with NICE guidance behind it all. The 2 points are:
>  (1) If a patient is being funded, how can the PCT control the costs so 
>that the
>patient doesn't run up huge bills?
>(2) Who is responsible for anything going wrong, from a medical point of 
>  I have dealt with point (2) by pointing out the number of daily BG tests 
>pumpers carry out and suggesting that she talks to Sam's consultant.
>  What I need to do is suggest to her a suitable procedure for us ordering
>supplies, preferably with us dealing directly with Medtronic (in our case) 
>them subsequently invoicing the PCT. Can I ask those of you who are 
>funded, what the procedure is in your case? If I can go back to her with a 
>argued case, I think that I may finally be getting somewhere. As ever, it 
>help to refer to cases where the procedure works well.
>Thanks in advance.
>Father of Sam, aged 9
>dx 7 years, pumping 2 years
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