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Re: [IPk] Help - PCT question re funding


I believe I was the first person in my area to be funded for a pump and the
procedure for me is that I contact Medtronic direct to order my consumables
and they send the invoice to someone in the PCT.  It was even suggested at
one point from someone in the PCT that I order a year's supplies at a time
(if I had space to store it and that the dates on them didn't expire).  I
think this way is slightly easier as hospitals and especially my consultant
does not want to get involved with the costs of them at the moment seeing as
it is the responsibility of the PCT to pay.

I am talking about Wycombe PCT in Buckinghamshire.

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> Hi all,
>  I have been continuing to work towards getting Sam funded, and submitted
> large batch of documents to our PCT in May. It has taken a lot of chasing
> many phone calls, not helped by the fact that the person who was dealing
> this has been off on long term sick leave, but I think I may actually be
> somewhere.
>  This morning I have had a call from the Director of Commissioning to
> for the severe delay in getting back to me, but also to raise some valid
> queries. Sam is their first pump patient and they are approaching the
> from first principles, with NICE guidance behind it all. The 2 points are:
>  (1) If a patient is being funded, how can the PCT control the costs so
that the
> patient doesn't run up huge bills?
> (2) Who is responsible for anything going wrong, from a medical point of
>  I have dealt with point (2) by pointing out the number of daily BG tests
> pumpers carry out and suggesting that she talks to Sam's consultant.
>  What I need to do is suggest to her a suitable procedure for us ordering
> supplies, preferably with us dealing directly with Medtronic (in our case)
> them subsequently invoicing the PCT. Can I ask those of you who are
> funded, what the procedure is in your case? If I can go back to her with a
> argued case, I think that I may finally be getting somewhere. As ever, it
> help to refer to cases where the procedure works well.
> Thanks in advance.
> Andrew
> Father of Sam, aged 9
> dx 7 years, pumping 2 years
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