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Re: [IPk] Help - PCT question re funding

Hi Andrew,

One thing I learned recently: if someone's taking 5 injections per day using 
B-D syringes, that number of syringes is worth about GBP 300 per year. I 
would imagine that's the PCT's GBP 300, not the larger NHS's? (Someone 
correct me if that's wrong.) You might point out that Sam's not using pens 
or syringes, so there is in fact a margin of about GBP 600, not an 
extra-large whack to the PCT of GBP 900, for his supplies.

If Sam needed BOTH a lot of syringes and the pump supplies, he'd require as 
large a sum as GBP 1200. But on a pump he needs only GBP 600 more than a 
5-a-day MDIer. And he gets to be a healthy, happy kid who stays out of the 
hospital--for the cost to the NHS of the two A&E admissions per year that he 
might well require if he were on injections. What a bargain!

Economically speaking,

IDDM 10 years; MiniMed pumper 7 years; waiting for funding 22 months

P.S. I wouldn't bring up the data that says people on pumps use less insulin 
than people on injections, though...I doubt the PCT folks will be able to 
get their head round that one (sorry to be cynical).

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